Music of the Spheres

  • Energy follows thought, and that which is focused upon grows.
  • Let reality govern my every thought, may truth be the Master of my Life.
  • Service is Love in action.
  • I AM you, You are I, We are One.
  • Cooperation and unity are the goals of the immediate future.
  • As frequencies rise, the power of thought is magnified, affecting all life more tangibly and swiftly than heretofore.

A Symphony of Light – The Time Draws Near - 2025

notesAwaken the Note of the SoulEach seemingly separate life knows that it is essentially an indivisible part of the Whole, and that in synergetic union far greater achievements may be realized than by the sum efforts of the individual parts alone. Cosmic law greatly favors the cumulative and selflessly directed attention of a group of dedicated souls who can work together as one. When pure motives for loving service are foremost, unity consciousness draws upon an insuperable Power that ever bestows the assurance of success, and the group program has always as its indomitable motivating thrust the sole determination to perfectly fulfil the behests of the Divine Plan. Therefore, absolutely nothing in the whole of Creation can prevent the inevitable triumph of the group program.

A brief, mystical analogy may here serve to offer just a hint of the complex dynamics that are initiated within the higher worlds when awakened Souls begin to reunite for group work upon the physical plane. Each individualized fragment of the group-soul and its personality (the World Server) bears a unique musical chord. Timing is of the essence, and when the soul-family regroups once again at the appointed hour upon Earth, each individual tone will combine to produce a transcendental code that will be peculiar to the group, and which will confer certain occult privileges. When the correct number and combination of notes are sounded together synchronously, a secret latch will be triggered, a hidden portal will be opened, and a great Mystery shall be revealed.

It is thus that the overall collective mission of World Servers upon Earth might be compared to a great symphony comprising many and diverse musical notes. Yet if one or more within the planetary orchestra ventured to play their instrument too early and before time, a dissonance would be heard, a confusion would eventuate amongst all the players, the medley would fracture, and the world auditorium would be thrown into disharmony with the Divine Plan. For the global symphony proper cannot really begin before a certain stage of world preparedness. However, let all awakened World Servers and readied humanity alike now be assured that they are about to commence playing the most beautiful and melodious part of the Great Symphony in which all Earth-life has been waiting to partake since mankind's “self-imposed amnesia”.

Saturday, November 26, 2022

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