Love and Compassion

Love & Compassion

The elements linked to the above icons are support material for the meditative practice outlined below.

First Icon - Audio stream 639 hz Sound bath. Listen while reading meditation practice below, download when finished

Second Icon - Video stream accompanied with 639 hz Sound bath.

Third Icon - Complete outline of meditative practice for download (pdf)

  • Energy follows thought, and that which is focused upon grows.
  • Let reality govern my every thought, may truth be the Master of my Life.
  • Service is Love in action.
  • I AM you, You are I, We are One.
  • Cooperation and unity are the goals of the immediate future.
  • As frequencies rise, the power of thought is magnified, affecting all life more tangibly and swiftly than heretofore.

Weaving the Quaternary Into a Strand of Loving Energy


Saturday, June 03, 2023

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